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Elon Musk Lifts Political Advertising Ban

Following Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, changes continue to be made on the platform. The latest change is the lifting of the political advertising ban that was implemented in 2019. The then-CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, had imposed this ban, believing that spreading political messages through paid advertising could be inappropriate and lead to negative consequences.

However, Elon Musk announced the decision to lift this ban, citing a commitment to "freedom of expression." This development signifies a significant shift in Twitter's future policies.

Nevertheless, alongside the removal of the political advertising ban, Twitter will take measures to prevent false or misleading content from undermining public trust in elections. These measures aim to preserve the platform's credibility.

Reels Durations Extended Again!

Instagram had successfully attracted users to their screens with the Reels feature, developed in response to TikTok's influence. Initially introduced with 30-second videos, Reels were later extended to 60 and 90 seconds.

According to information shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is testing the possibility of extending Reels durations from the current 90-second limit to up to 10 minutes to encourage users to spend more time on Reels videos.

In addition to this significant change, the platform is also working on new features such as photo frames and AI-powered photo editing tools.

Google to Blur Explicit Images

Google is introducing a new feature called "Safe Search," which automatically blurs explicit images in search results for users. This feature will be set as the default for all Google users but can be disabled later through the "Safe Search" tab for those who prefer to do so.

In the announcement for this new feature, it was stated that it would help users "control their personal information, privacy, and online security."

Google has also recently announced updates to the "About you" results control panel, making it easier for users to remove their own personal information or explicit images from search results. This way, users can customize their online experiences by exerting more control.



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