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What is the HTML Programming Language?


What is HTML? How is HTML Coding Done?

HTML is a fundamental concept that comes across the path of anyone researching web design. It is a standard markup language used in the process of creating web pages. The abbreviation HTML stands for "Hyper Text Markup Language." Contrary to a common misconception, HTML is not a programming language. To put it more clearly, HTML is the language that browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Yandex can read and interpret.

What is the Purpose of HTML?

HTML assists web designers in creating structures for pages and applications, including profiles, links, block quotes, paragraphs, and headings. Through the use of simple code structures called tags and attributes, web pages can be formatted. In essence, HTML can be considered as the skeleton of a website. Without HTML code, a website cannot be coded.

When creating websites and pages, HTML is an essential language to use. It's one of the easiest formatting languages to learn, especially for beginners. By taking HTML lessons, you can systematically improve yourself and apply the knowledge you gain during the web page design process. With time, you can learn more than what you initially possess and become proficient in designing web pages.


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