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Instagram introduced the swipe up feature in 2016, allowing users to share external links. Particularly in recent times, we've seen influencers and content creators use this feature to include swipe up links in sponsored posts or collaborations with the hashtag #ad. This feature enabled them to direct their followers to videos or relevant websites.

However, in its latest update, Instagram has made a controversial decision to completely remove the swipe up feature. The platform revealed the details of this new change.

Today, users with the blue verification badge and over 10,000 followers who opened the app were met with a notification at the top of the Instagram homepage. The notification stated that the swipe up feature would be removed starting from August 30th. Instagram clarified that it won't eliminate the ability to add links to stories altogether. Instead, they will introduce a new system called "Link Sticker" to replace the swipe up feature. High-follower accounts will now utilize stickers to add links to their stories.

So, what does the "Link Sticker" do, and how is it used? To start, you need to add the URL of the desired website you want the sticker to link to. You can also tap "See Preview" below the link to show what the link leads to when someone taps on it. Anyone who views your story can tap the sticker to visit the link.

Who Can Use the Link Sticker?

As you might know, the swipe up feature was available to anyone with over 10,000 followers and a blue verification badge. It's expected that the same system will continue for the Link Sticker. Instagram sent this informative notification only to those with over 10,000 followers and the blue verification badge.

Accounts with the blue verification badge can currently use the Link Sticker feature.



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