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2021 Google Trends Data: What Were the Most Searched Keywords in 2021


For those curious about the 2021 Google Trends data, an updated list has been shared revealing the most searched keywords of the year. Google Trends is a free Google application that shows how frequently different topics are searched throughout the year. Its accessibility and free nature contribute to its popularity. The tool allows users to explore the most popular daily, weekly, and monthly searches. Categories cover a wide range of topics, from TV shows, football teams, artists, politicians, to daily events. Apart from general searches, the data can also be segmented into different categories. Notably, the data only includes searches conducted on the Google search engine, excluding other search engines. Users can search for any keyword and explore its search trends over different time periods.

Many organizations use the data provided by Google Trends. Many individuals curate their pages based on what people are curious about.

What is Google Trends and What is its Purpose?

Google is one of the most widely used search engines worldwide, offering several services in addition to its main search function. These include Google Maps, Google Trends, and more.

Google Trends helps list popular search queries on Google. These queries are categorized and displayed according to specific categories. Data is broken down for each country.

As of now, the 2021 Google Trends data for the most searched keywords is not available due to the year not being over yet. However, using certain programs, it's still possible to generate a list of searches conducted in the past month. Being among the most searched keywords is considered significant. Research is carried out using Google Trends data to make predictions about what people are curious about and discussing. Being included in these lists is a desirable outcome for many.

2021 Google Trends Data

Interest in the 2021 Google data is already growing. It often leads to humorous moments in our country every year. However, the curiosity and eager anticipation about what was searched for in 2021 still remain.

Google Trends provides data for each year. You can find data for not only 2021 but also for previous years. When you click on Google Trends data, it displays daily search trends, real-time search trends, and a list of countries that you can choose to view data for.

For the 2020 data shared by Google Trends, you can instantly access search trends for searches, TV series, names, what we lost, how-tos, and recipes. However, data for 2021 can only be listed starting from January 1st.

Most Searched Keywords in 2021

For those curious about the 2021 Google Trends data, while a full list has not been shared as the year is ongoing, some applications can be used to compile the most searched keywords and their search frequencies within the last month. When you see how many times these keywords have been searched, you'll be surprised. Here are some of these keywords:

Keywords Search Frequency

Youtube 132,000,000

Facebook 68,490,000

Translation 28,710,000

Sahibinden 23,420,000

Mynet 21,690,000

E-Government 20,450,000

Translate 19,840,000

News 18,670,000

Hotmail 17,370,000

Gmail 16,500,000

Instagram 15,960,000

Whatsapp Web 15,390,000

Trendyol 12,240,000

Netflix 8,860,000

Galatasaray 3,700,000

Fenerbahçe 3,340,000

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 2,450,000

Reynmen 2,380,000

This list is not exhaustive and was generated using certain applications to analyze search frequencies over 10,000 keywords. These numbers reflect searches within the past month only. However, the actual data for 2021 will be published by Google Trends at the end of the year. Until then, we'll have to wait until December to learn the full extent of the 2021 Google Trends data and which keywords were most searched.



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