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What is WhatsApp Shopping?


WhatsApp, gradually distinguishing itself from conventional messaging apps, is venturing into new territory: shopping. Adding new features to its platform, WhatsApp is now directing its focus towards the shopping aspect. Three years ago, WhatsApp introduced money transfer services under the name WhatsApp Pay in certain countries. Now, it's introducing shopping channels.

Facebook has directly integrated shopping features into the WhatsApp application. By creating a new shopping environment for both consumers and businesses, the company has also realized its goal of competing with e-commerce websites.

The sensational name, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced four shopping features that are being developed for WhatsApp on Tuesday. Zuckerberg revealed that in the near future, shopping will be possible directly through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. He also announced that shops under the Facebook Marketplace umbrella will be integrated and compatible with Instagram and WhatsApp.

Instagram's Visual Search will allow users to take photos and easily find products. Advertisements in the store will be based on products that attract the user's interest, thus providing a personalized experience. Initially, Instagram's shopping features will serve stores under the Facebook Marketplace in the United States. WhatsApp's shopping features will be launched simultaneously in several different countries.



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