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What are the Ways to Increase Sales on Black Friday?


Black Friday is the eagerly awaited discount period for many people every year. This day, which takes place simultaneously in all countries, is called Black Friday. Black Friday takes place in the last week of November in every country. In Turkey, this year's Black Friday will be on Friday, November 27th. On Black Friday, many products are offered with significant discounts, and people eagerly wait for this day to purchase items, whether big or small. While consumers await this day to shop with discounts, sellers also wait to make a large number of sales by offering discounts. Black Friday is an important day not only for consumers but also for sellers. This is because the highest sales figures are achieved on this day. While some sellers may extend Black Friday discounts, the event generally ends within 2-3 days. Sellers significantly increase their sales during these discount days. Additionally, there are methods to boost sales on Black Friday. In this article, we will provide answers to the question "What are the ways to increase sales on Black Friday?"

Methods to Increase Sales on Discount Days:

What are the ways to increase sales on Black Friday? In the 2020 Black Friday discount period, a total of approximately 2.2 million product sales were realized. This date is a shopping day for everyone. People shop a lot during this time because they have been waiting for it all year long. Sellers are also pleased as they make a lot of sales. However, there are ways to help sellers increase their sales even further. These methods are as follows:

  • Extending the Discount Further: As Black Friday approaches, consumers are most curious about when the discount will start and end. The longer the discount days, the higher the sales will be. Therefore, the first method to increase sales on Black Friday is to not end the discount in just one day but to extend it further. Starting the discount on Friday and spreading it to the weekend is a tactic that will boost sales.
  • Providing Additional Services: E-commerce websites and major brands are the ones that make the most sales on Black Friday. Small business owners should provide additional services to increase their sales alongside these stores. For example, shipments are often delayed during the Black Friday period. To bridge this gap, orders should be shipped quickly or some gifts should be included with purchases.
  • Speeding Up the Website: During the Black Friday period, a smoothly and rapidly functioning website will also contribute to increased sales. Since many people access the site simultaneously during this period, any issues can result in reduced sales. This is one of the answers to the question of how to increase sales on Black Friday.
  • Offering Deals: Special days like Black Friday provide a good opportunity to attract new customers. Therefore, offering deals for both new and existing loyal customers is a good way to boost sales.
  • Payment Systems: Payment systems that are not user-friendly or are slow can discourage customers from making purchases. Especially during a busy discount day like Black Friday, having fast and easy payment systems will ensure that sales transactions are successful. In addition to mobile payment systems found on e-commerce websites, offering customers the option of virtual POS during this discount period will have a positive impact on sales.

Making the Most of Black Friday

What are the ways to increase sales on Black Friday? The methods to increase sales during the year's most anticipated discount period are as described above. When all these methods are implemented, the discount period will be spent optimally, and sales will reach the highest levels.




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