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What is WhatsApp Disappearing Message Feature?


WhatsApp, the most widely used social media application around the world, continues to introduce brand-new features for its users. The recently introduced feature has sparked curiosity among users. In this messaging and communication application, the new feature that was unveiled is called the WhatsApp Disappearing Message. While disappearing messages might initially make people think that users will be able to delete their own messages, the actual nature of the feature is quite different. Let's delve into the details of this new feature.

What is the WhatsApp Disappearing Message Feature?

After being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has consistently brought forth innovations, and now it introduces a feature similar to Snapchat, involving instant disappearing images and messages. The developers of the application state that they developed this feature to prevent users from getting caught up in their messaging for extended periods and to facilitate a smoother user experience. The WhatsApp Disappearing Message feature operates as follows on smart devices:

Users of the WhatsApp application will have messages sent to them disappear within 7 days if they don't open or use the app during that time. However, the message's preview will continue to be visible in notifications until you open it.

If you reply to a message with a quote, the original message is quoted. Yet, if you quote a disappearing message, the quoted text will remain in the chat for 7 days.

If a disappearing message or text is sent to a chat where disappearing messages are turned off, the message will remain in the chat and won't disappear.

If a user backs up their messages before the disappearing period, the disappearing message will also be included in the backup. When restored from the backup, the disappearing message will be deleted.

WhatsApp announced that both users on both ends can activate the feature for their own accounts, and during group chats, group admins can also enable the disappearing message option.

The explanation provided emphasizes that the 7-day lifespan of disappearing messages serves a specific purpose. It is stated that this is to ensure that conversations aren't practically permanent and to prevent users from retaining a memory about a topic they last chatted about. For instance, if two WhatsApp users chat and share information needed for a certain moment, the information will be available. But, if 7 days pass and the need for that information disappears, the message will also be deleted.

Only users who enable the feature can utilize it. The WhatsApp Disappearing Message feature is currently available on smart devices with various operating systems. This well-received feature is expected to be enhanced with additional additions in the future.

How to Activate the WhatsApp Disappearing Message Feature?

To activate this feature introduced to WhatsApp users in November 2020, simply tap the application on your smart device. Then, navigate to your chats and tap on the name of the person you want to use the disappearing message feature with. In the "Disappearing messages" section, tap on it. If you are prompted, click on "Continue" or "Yes," and then select the "On" option. Your chosen contact will now have the disappearing message feature active. If you've used this feature but no longer find it appealing, here's how to disable the WhatsApp Disappearing Message feature:

Open the application on your smart device and tap on the name of the person for whom you want to disable the disappearing message feature. In the displayed screen, press on the "Disappearing messages" section. After answering the prompted question with "Continue" or "Yes," select the "Off" option. The feature will be instantly disabled.




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