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Safe Zone in Reels and Stories


Reels and stories are two of the most popular content types on Instagram. These contents provide users with the opportunity to convey their messages or stories in a short and concise manner. However, there are some points to be mindful of when creating this content, and one of them is the safe zone.

The safe zone refers to the area within the frame of a video or photo that captures the user's attention. This area comprises the top, middle, and bottom thirds of the video or photo. Text, logos, or other important creative elements placed in the safe zone are more easily noticed by users and are conveyed more effectively.

To create content for Reels and stories while considering the safe zone, you can follow the tips below:

  • Place your text in the safe zone: Using text in Reels and stories is a great way to convey your message more effectively. However, it's important to place your text in the safe zone; otherwise, it may go unnoticed or be difficult to read.
  • Position your logos in the safe zone: Reels and stories are excellent platforms for promoting your brand. Placing your logos in the safe zone helps make your brand more visible.
  • Put other important creative elements in the safe zone: In Reels and stories, you can use graphics, video clips, and other creative content. Placing these elements in the safe zone ensures that they capture the user's attention.

Creating content with the safe zone in mind can make your Reels and stories more effective. By following these tips, you can reach more users and achieve greater engagement.

Additional Tips:

  • Avoid exceeding the safe zone: Be careful not to move your text or other important creative content outside the safe zone, as this can distract users.
  • Use the safe zone in different ways: For example, placing your text at the bottom of the safe zone can encourage users to continue watching your video.
  • Test the safe zone: Experiment with different placement options to see what yields the best results.


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