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Agenda of the Week in Social Media September 22


X Could Be Paid for All Users in the Future

Elon Musk expressed that they could turn Twitter into a paid platform to combat fake accounts. Musk stated in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "The best way to eliminate fake accounts is through a paid system."

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX mentioned that a small monthly fee would be charged for using this system, but he avoided providing details about the amount of the fee and when the implementation would start.

Musk's statement has led to various speculations about Twitter's future plans. Some social media users claim that Musk was just making an offhand remark and that the platform will remain free, while others believe that Musk is working on a stricter pricing plan.

Video Calls with WhatsApp Avatars Are Starting

WhatsApp's avatars, which have gained popularity in recent times, can now be used in video calls as well. The instant messaging giant is introducing this feature through which users can hide their faces and use virtual characters during video calls, as tested on beta users.

Users who want to make video calls using avatars will be able to select their avatars by tapping on the "Avatar" icon during the call. This will allow users to not only conceal their real appearances but also engage in more fun and creative video calls.

WhatsApp's introduction of this feature is seen as a significant step towards protecting user privacy. Especially users who do not want to reveal their faces or are in a private situation can comfortably conduct video calls using avatars.

Telegram is Getting a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Telegram, known as one of the most popular instant messaging applications with over 700 million users worldwide, is now preparing to enter the cryptocurrency world. Telegram announced at the "Token2049" event held in Singapore that they have developed a cryptocurrency wallet in collaboration with the Ton Foundation. Telegram's cryptocurrency wallet will be available for global use in a few months.

Users will be able to easily access this new wallet from Telegram's settings section. To create this wallet that supports various cryptocurrencies such as TON, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT, users can use their phone numbers and Telegram passwords.

Telegram's cryptocurrency wallet is designed to cater to the app's over 800 million active users. This move is considered a significant development in the cryptocurrency sector.

With the release of the wallet, the price of Toncoin (TON), the native currency of the TON blockchain, increased by approximately 11% and reached $1.95.



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