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WhatsApp's Channels Feature


WhatsApp has launched the Channels feature in Turkey, allowing users to receive important updates from individuals and organizations in a one-way broadcasting tool.

Channels enable users to select the channels they wish to follow through a searchable directory. Channels are located under a new tab called "Updates" and are positioned separately from chats.

WhatsApp introduced some new updates while rolling out the Channels feature, taking into consideration user feedback. These updates include an Enhanced Search Directory, Reactions, Editing, and Forwarding.

With the Enhanced Search Directory, users can now find and follow channels filtered by their country. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to view new, most active, and popular channels based on the number of followers.

The Reactions feature allows users to provide feedback to channels using emojis, which will not be visible to other followers.

The Editing feature allows administrators to make changes to updates they have posted for up to 30 days.

With the Forwarding feature, users can share an update from Channels to chats or groups.

WhatsApp emphasizes its commitment to privacy within the Channels feature. Channel administrators' phone numbers and profile photos are not displayed to followers, and users who follow a channel do not have their phone numbers revealed to the administrator or other followers. Likewise, the list of channels followed by users is kept private.

Channel history is stored on WhatsApp servers for up to 30 days. The company plans to implement various ways for updates to disappear from a user's device even more quickly.

Administrators also have the option to prevent screenshots and message forwarding from their channels. Furthermore, administrators are given the choice of determining who can follow their channels and whether they want their channels to be discoverable in the directory.



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