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Corporate Email: What Is It and How to Set It Up


A corporate email is an essential email account that carries the most important company extensions for your corporate identity. Corporate email accounts, commonly known as 'Info Mail,' encompass more than just the email address. For instance, commonly used departmental addresses include extensions such as '[email protected]', '[email protected]', '[email protected]', '[email protected]', among others. You can easily create and use company-branded email addresses in any way you prefer. Furthermore, you can set up corporate email accounts for your company employees. As an example, formats like '[email protected]' are used. Using company emails in your communications and correspondence can add value to your business.

What to Consider When Setting Up a Corporate Email?

Creating a corporate email account involves a few simple steps. Firstly, you'll need to purchase a domain, which is the web address for your company. Once you have your domain, you'll need a hosting service, which is essentially storage space where your information will be stored safely. The hosting fees vary based on your company's needs. For instance, some might require just 100 MB of space, while others might need 500 MB or more. Therefore, when getting hosting, it's essential to consider your company's requirements. Seeking consultancy services might be a wise choice to ensure you make the right decisions.

Why Is a Corporate Email Account Necessary?

If you're experiencing problems with your current company emails, a corporate email account might be the solution. What kind of problems does it address? Issues such as receiving numerous spam emails, viruses threatening your computer through emails, your sent emails landing in the recipient's spam folder instead of their inbox, and inability to send high-sized attachments are some of the problems. Additionally, facing service disruptions in your company emails also falls under these issues. If you answered 'yes' to any of these issues, a corporate email might be the right choice as it encompasses the proper company extensions.

Advantages of a Corporate Email

What advantages and features does a corporate email account offer?

  • Corporate identity helps you and your employees save time. Your staff won't have to spend significant time cleaning up spam emails. Dealing with numerous spam emails can be time-consuming, and multiple spam emails make the cleaning process even more challenging, leading to additional time loss.

  • Custom IP addresses suitable for your domain: One of the main reasons for issues in company emails is multiple users sharing the same IP address on the same server. When users send emails collectively, it jeopardizes your emails. Consequently, the emails you send end up in spam folders. The major advantage of corporate emails is that they come with their own private IP addresses in service packages and reseller agreements. This way, another user's mistake won't affect your emails.

  • Email account antivirus protection: To combat email viruses threatening your computer, the best precaution is antivirus protection. This way, emails containing misleading content like receipts, invoices, or other attachments are disposed of before reaching you, ensuring your computer's safety.

  • 5 GB email quota and the ability to send and receive attachments up to 50 MB: Do you find your email quota filling up constantly? This situation can pose significant problems. If people can't send you emails, your business operations are disrupted. Corporate emails offer a 5 MB usage quota for each email account to address this concern.

Experiencing issues when sending attachments in your company emails? Do you need external applications like WeTransfer to send files as attachments? Corporate email accounts alleviate these issues. The reason is that company-branded email addresses allow you to send and receive attachments up to 50 MB per email.

  • Corporate emails keep your data secure.

  • The advanced interface allows you to create new emails anytime and manage existing emails with ease.



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