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New Update to Facebook Ads: Focus on Protecting Minors


In its latest update to the field of Facebook advertising, the platform has provided further clarity on an important aspect. For some time now, a subject of great sensitivity for the entire world and social media platforms has been improving the social media experience for children under 18 and safeguarding them. As a result, a new update has been introduced to the advertising domain.

Previously, Facebook announced that it would default to making Instagram accounts of individuals under 16 years of age private. Now, Facebook has shed light on the updates it will bring to the advertising realm.

Starting from August 23rd, numerous targeting options, including "Detailed Targeting" and "Custom Audiences," will no longer be usable for targeting ads to individuals under 18 worldwide, 20 in Thailand, or 21 in Indonesia. This change reflects Facebook's efforts to ensure the protection and well-being of minors on the platform.



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