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What is a Mobile Application? How is a Mobile Application Created?


Mobile applications are widely used in today's world. More practical than websites, mobile applications are developed in various fields.

What is a mobile application?

Mobile applications refer to software developed for tablets or smartphones. These applications are developed for Android and iOS operating systems. Due to their greater usability and convenience compared to websites, people prefer mobile applications over websites. Additionally, brands or companies create mobile applications to align with trends and the era. These applications are created by professionals, considering the operating systems. Operating systems are the most important factor to consider when developing applications.

The Importance of Mobile Applications

What is a mobile application?

Since the advent of tablets or smartphones, everything has become more technological and intelligent. People spend a significant portion of their days using these mobile devices. According to research, the area where people spend the most time when using smartphones or tablets is mobile applications. The reason for this is that mobile applications load faster and are more user-friendly compared to a company's or brand's website. The high level of usage encourages brands to develop mobile applications. In this way, brands adapt to trends and create their own mobile applications. These applications offer numerous advantages for businesses or brands. For instance, these applications make it easier and faster for brands to reach their target audience. Additionally, users can easily access the brand's campaigns, discounts, and events. Considering all these advantages and conveniences, having a mobile application can put entrepreneurs striving to establish a new brand identity one step ahead of their competitors.

In conclusion, when asked, "What is a mobile application?" the answer can be that these applications are platforms that allow businesses to stand out among their competitors.

How is a Mobile Application Created?

After understanding the answer to "What is a mobile application?" many individuals are curious about how mobile applications are created. Individuals can create mobile applications themselves if they wish. However, developing these applications is a complex and knowledge-intensive process. Therefore, creating mobile applications without the necessary knowledge or experience would not yield high-quality results and can be a challenging process. Mobile applications are developed by professionals. In our company, we develop mobile applications that best suit your needs. There are three steps we follow when creating mobile applications. These steps are: create the application, test it, and publish the application. The details are as follows:

  • Create the application: In this phase, the web content of the desired mobile application is converted from a website. After the conversion, the content from Facebook accounts or websites is utilized for the application. Once the content is prepared, the design of the mobile application should be developed. Design is crucial for mobile applications, as well-designed applications can capture users' attention.

  • Test the application: Using applications like MobiRoller, the designed mobile application prototype is tested for functionality. Testing is essential for the health of the application. Applications released without proper testing may encounter issues.

  • Publish the application: The final step in creating a mobile application is publishing it. After all the processes are complete, the mobile application is uploaded to application markets such as the App Store or Play Store for publication. Once the upload is complete, your mobile application is ready for users to download and use from the application markets.



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