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What is a Website? How to Create a Website?


In the modern era, a website is considered a corporate identity. It is a digital platform developed for the purpose of promoting products and establishing your own name for companies and individuals. Our company provides website design services that attract users and create fast sites from a technical perspective. This way, a more user-friendly and user-oriented website is prepared for you.

Websites are highly important for both advertising and sales. So, how is a website created? The most appropriate answer to this question is that a good understanding of the required programs and coding languages is essential. You can use coding languages such as CSS, HTML, PHP, and Bootstrap within programs like Sublime Text or Dreamweaver to create static or dynamic websites. You can find the answer to the question "how to create a website" through the steps mentioned below.

  • For the site you will create, you need to start by preparing a template, also known as a blueprint.

  • Then, you need to determine the images and text you will use. It's worth mentioning that knowing who and what you are creating the site for and conducting thorough research on your competitors based on that information will be beneficial.

  • Next, using the learned code, you should code and enhance your designs by separating your site into sections such as header, top navigation menu, slider for sliding images, and footer.

It should be emphasized that creating web designs is an art. Experience is essential alongside knowledge. In this regard, you can examine the websites we have created and obtain information.

About Creating a Website How is a website created?

What methods are available?

There are multiple methods to create any kind of website. As is known, all websites are created within certain programs. While previously a good understanding of "CSS and HTML" was sufficient to create static pages, today it requires the use of dynamic programming languages. Free content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, which help you have an advanced website, are also available. In addition to these, there are several simple programs you can use to create a website. You can create the desired website using popular software like "Dreamweaver."

Static and Dynamic Websites: What Are They?

When we talk about a website, the first things that come to mind are e-commerce sites for online sales or websites created for corporate companies. In general, websites are an entity formed by web pages published on connected servers 24/7.

Dynamic Website: A dynamic website is a type of website where the coding of programming languages such as php, aspx, and asp, in which all content is stored in a database, is done. It allows for entries and updates.

Static Website: A static website is an advanced type of website where the coding is done directly on each web page rather than through a database. Static websites mainly create file types with html extensions. Since there is no connection to create a database, there is no website content management system (CMS) to manage the website. Static websites can be used for sites with fewer data that do not require frequent updates.

If you lack sufficient knowledge, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance when creating a website. Creating an amateur site can result in a poor user experience for your visitors, as well as create negative perceptions and reputation.



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